Wedding websites are the latest trend among the must-haves of today’s generation. Over a few years, wedding websites have evolved from luxury to necessity due to various extensions and add-ons. In India, wedding websites are still new as people are slowly turning towards technology from paper-based invitations. Parents and couple want their event to be grandest and leave no stone unturned in experimenting with the latest trends.

Let’s discuss the features and advantages of wedding websites which are making them indispensable for tech-savvy as well as traditional people. Websites specifically created for the weddings ceremony of a couple are called wedding websites. These include details like venue, date and timings of different events, Google map directions to the venue, counter to the event, digital invitations, fun games around the family, hashtags of your wedding and even rsvp list of guests.

Pre-wedding photoshoot photos, as well as pictures of ceremonies, can be uploaded here as and when they happen. It has become awkward now that wedding albums take months to finalize as the couple are busy in their new life. And in the age of Instagram and Facebook, bridegrooms are not really interested in paper albums. Paper albums are difficult to carry and do not have instant access. So, you can choose to create a digital repository of your photos, videos and choice moments on the website itself. If you fear about the privacy of pictures, fear not! Photos can be made password protected, only people who will have username and password will be able to view the pics.

If you have a story behind the marriage like a connection of different states, country, some tricky situations or college love, you can create a story on the website through pictures. It will help guests in better understanding of your dynamics. Pre-wedding videos are gaining traction and are a great medium to create hype.

Paper invitations are slowly being discarded as people have become eco-friendly and using videos to share invitations over the WhatsApp. Video invitations are attention-seeking and entertaining as well. So, you can upload the video on the website where it will remain even when you are taking a trip down the memory lane.

Venue location, pictures and google direction link may be useful to some outstation guests who arrive directly for the ceremonies. They know what to expect at the venue and come better prepared, especially for elders and kids. You can post notifications regarding change in timings, dress code so that people will know in advance, and you do not have to message everyone individually.

Another trend slowly picking in India is the wedding gift registries, which you can conveniently mention on your website. There are subtle ways to convey the message that although you will accept blessings and any offerings, these registered gifts are your preferred choices. People can pay for gifts and they will be delivered online to your address. Collection and storage of gifts at the wedding venue can be managed through this.

In times of Covid 19, when paper currency is facing the issue of virus contamination and transmission, you may get creative regarding cash offerings as well. Create scan and pay option on your website, and through dedicated laptop on the venue, people can transfer the money if they are considering cash option. This safeguards your money from theft as well as virus. As young generation is becoming health conscious as well as digital-savvy, online cash transfer may be the next creative option for you!