Hurrah! You will officially turn an adult on your 21st birthday. Gotta have lots of booze and fun for party celebrations! For most people it’s a significant milestone in their lifeline and why not? It’s the oldest you have been yet the youngest you will ever be again! That’s something worth to throw the ultimate birthday bash with your close pals.

Here is a list of crazy party themes to rock your way into adulthood:

1. Mad Hatter's tea party

A perfect way to reminiscence your childhood with a peculiar twist of fun on your 21st birthday. Indulge all your friends in the world of Alice and invite everyone to dress up as a fun character. With great décor, food, and drinks, no one needs any further invitations to let loose and party hard. Your party destination will look like something straight out of Fashion TV. So, do not forget to pose for the shutterbugs!

Tea Party

2. Playboy Theme party

You do not need a more clichéd party theme than this for your 21st birthday party. Whether you are a boy or a girl, an exclusive playboy theme would be your way of screaming to the world – “Hey, I am all grown-up and ready to rock the night!” So turn your house into the playboy mansion complete with a Hugh Hefner cake.

Playboy Theme Party

3. 90s Blacklight

Remember the black light era in the 1990s? If you don’t, you better look it up! It was so cool! Jazz up your birthday party in true 90s style with this theme and you won’t disappoint anyone. It gives you the perfect party ambiance of dull or almost no light with only the black lights to enjoy. Helps you get drunk faster and dance wilder! LOL.

90s Backlights

4. Anything but clothes

Are you desperate to wear the most stunning outfit on your birthday? Or you don’t even care? Well, you could completely divert the aversion by opting for the theme where everyone has to wear anything but clothes. Seriously, no clothes! You can wear sacks, tapes, leaves or anything that’s not identified as a clothing item. It would be super fun to see people’s creativity and what they turn up with their imaginations!

Anything but clothes

5. Britney and Justin’s Double denim

Everyone is familiar with pop sensations Britney and Justin’s iconic double entrance at 2001 American music awards wearing only denim from head-to-toe. Wouldn’t it be a real treat to watch everyone as Britney and Justin in recreating the denim look? I think it would be memorable! Plus the theme is so easy to replicate that no one would blink an eye.

Double Denim

6. Golden poop emoji

If you have a funny bone, then this theme will crack all your friends up. The recently favorite emoji of a golden poop is making quite the rounds around the globe, so much so that there’s a ‘Golden poop awards’ for the worst categories in films! You could have your own Golden poop award show and nominate friends for the worst categories. Interesting indeed!

Golden poop award

7. All edible party

Now, this theme can be a little challenging, but still, it would be the most interesting one! Recreating the classic chocolate house (not literally) in the Hansel & Gretel story, you could invite your friends to an incredible all-edible party, where anything and everything is edible (told you it was challenging!). But hey, if you could pull off this theme, your party would be in talks through the years to come.

All edible party

8. Casino

Another classic way to advertise your way into adulthood. A casino themed party, complete with poker tables and sexy waitresses, would be the ultimate banner to display your maturity and elegance. This theme will suit perfectly for the ones who prefer the gentleman’s way to party.

Casino-themed party