Kids will remain kids, even if a global pandemic strikes the world. They wait for their birthday party a whole year, planning games, list of friends, anticipating gifts and surfing cake ideas. In the times of social distancing, there are limited options for physical birthday party due to health and hygiene concerns. Many parents are opting for virtual birthday parties, so that spirit of party and celebration prevails in glooming times. There is no limit to the budget of your celebration, you may hire your children’s favourite cartoon character to video call you, or may have birthday cake specialist to arrange a theme cake suitable for virtual gatherings.

Forget kids, even grown-ups might want to plan a virtual birthday surprise to increase the happiness quotient in life. Due to the fast-paced lifestyle and far away friends, they may not be able to get together physically. Many people are warming up with the idea of virtual parties and all fun it promises. After all, the purpose of a birthday celebration is a chance to have fun-frolics with your near-dear ones and cherish the moments. One of the advantages of virtual, you do not have to book a venue or clean leftover mess from home. So, it is a Win-Win situation for all.

We will discuss all conceivable options which may give possibilities to celebrate this day in your unique style, irrespective of the age group.

So, are you ready for your party? Here is the checklist:

Dressy Clothes ✓

Online Games ✓

Finger food: how to serve virtually?

Well, we have got all your doubts covered. Here are some of the ways in which you can make your birthday memorable:

  1. Video conferencing tools: Browse for video conferencing tools and choose which seems most compatible with your requirements.  There are plenty of online software, which provide free and paid versions and support recordings. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Duo are some of the most popular choices.
  2. Virtual Games: You may choose online multi-player games or classical games coordinated over the call, depending on the audience vote. If you are into tombola, play it over a video call, with all players transferring money online and cheering on call. I have experienced it myself, all the comments on call also make your day and make you remember old times.
  3. Finger food: Although you cannot serve your guests personally, make common snacks and drinks as a compulsory menu item for party. In this manner, all guest can give a toast, eat together and spend more time decompressing. If possible, have food items home delivered to the guests’ house directly.
  4. Dance: So what it is virtual, dance is integral part of every party. So create a playlist in advance and ask everyone to practise some dance moves in a sitting position.
  5. Props: Ask all people to have some party supplies in handy if available. Like caps, props, party horns and wall hangings. It will add a nice touch, and induce a sense of inclusion and spirit of celebration.
  6. Decor: Decorate the area which will be visible on the webcam. Even if it is virtual gathering, decorations should be a top priority as they induce a sense of celebration and keep spirits high. It will also come in handy for showing your creative side on Instagram later.
  7. Cake: Instead of traditional full-size cake, order a combination of cakes and cupcakes for the party. If all attendees live nearby in the neighbourhood, have cupcakes delivered to their houses, prior to the start of the party. Whether a child or grown-up, everyone has a sweet tooth and loves to indulge occasionally.
  8. Gifts: If guests want to give gift and pondering how to manage, there are multiple online alternatives which you can choose. Gift cards and online delivery through e-commerce websites are some most accessible options. If you are planning on return gifts, you can purchase gift cards of the same cash value and give one to each guest.
  9. Cartoon Character: Arrange a virtual meet-up with your kid's favourite cartoon character for the party. Nowadays, many event organisers are providing this facility as people are increasingly going for virtual options.
  10. Event Anchor: Hire a virtual event anchor who will co-ordinate your birthday party while you enjoy the party care-free. Event anchors have experience in coordinating guests, even virtual ones, do they will provide hassle-free conferencing, even for kids. They have some games pre-planned so you will have more options to choose from. You can even have magician show and puppet show online, although they will not be same as a live performance.