Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean it is a day exclusively for romantic lovers. You could have a dinner date with your best pals, hang out with your family or just hit the club for a fun night. Whichever the case, girl, you got to look smoking hot! (You never know whose eyes may fall on you!)

And if you have managed to whip up a romantic date (aww!), here are some great options for you to consider for getting that perfect Valentine’s Day look:

  1. Red attention

It is all about red and its shades on Valentine’s! It’s a given that donning a stunning top-to-bottom red outfit on your date is the hottest look for 14th February. Go for a long blood red maxi, and lace trimmed rose red
crop top with a pair of red trousers or a frilly red tulle skirt. It will do the
magic, and your date will not be able to pry his eyes off you!

Red Attention

2. Denim love

Dressing up in an all-denim outfit is the ultimate chic ensemble with which
you can never go wrong. Often sported by many notable celebrities, this outfit projects both fun and sexy versions of you. Pair up a hot denim jacket with sexy skinny jeans, and you are ready to stun your date!

Denim Love

3. Lace it with leather

People often talk about Lace dresses and leather jackets as a go-to item when in doubt but there’s not much hype over pairing them up. I mean- ‘damn girl! You are missing out on so much!’ It’s a perfect ensemble for first dates. It portrays you like a sexy and confident woman yet in tune with her surroundings.

Lace it with Leather

4. Fur luxe

For the girly ones, this idea of an outfit is a life-saver! When in
doubt, throw on a beautiful plush fur sweater over a cute skirt or pants, and you are date-ready. It’s a comfortably cute outfit and would look great on anyone, making it an absolute favorite among tweens.

Fur Luxe

5. Cool-girl look

For girls with a hint of badass and who isn’t afraid to wear her emotions on
her sleeves, a cool-girl look is her way of making an entrance on Valentine’s. Pair up a bright trouser with a funky jacket and sunnies or a cool track pant with a bandeau and coat. The best thing about this look is that you can play and mix-match your outfits according to your taste. So dress up and let your personality do the talking!

Cool Look

6. Sheer peek-a-boo

Did you know that your clothes can flirt too? Yeah, you read right! Let your outfit do the flirting while you enjoy your Valentine’s with a gorgeous sheer dress which plays a little peek-a-boo with your date at the right places. Sheer has always been a massive hit among women (and men alike!), so this outfit might be the answer to your Valentine date dress expedition.


7. Matching/Coordinating sets

Let’s get ‘CLUELESS’ on Valentine’s and follow Cher Horowitz! Or
like Kim and Kylie, wear coordinating sets of clothing (a major fashion trend that’s huge and not likely to go away soon) that will do wonders for your Valentine Day and deliver you the anticipated entrance you always wanted! I mean if it worked for Cher, It would surely do the charm for you.

Matching Sets

8. Silk Slip dress with boots

A classic and timeless outfit which manages to take the breath away at any given time. This beautiful outfit can be teamed up with knee-high boots and stud-earrings which will make your man feel one of the luckiest guys in the world!

Silk Slip dress with Boots