So you got yourself a date on valentines? Whoa! Great work man! You have taken care of flowers, restaurant and laid out a lovely plan for the evening. That’s all cool, but what the hell are you going to wear?! Now that’s a tricky question where most guys get clueless. It’s imperative to look delectable because your appearance already makes your first move.

No worries! Here is a list of curated ideas for Valentine day outfits for men to get inspired:

  1. Red it out

The color of the day-Red! Unlike what people perceive, Red is a very macho color. It all boils down to the way you pair up your clothes and represent them. Consider this idea of an outfit – A sleek deep red blazer over a crisp vermilion red shirt, paired with either white denim jeans or go all red and wear it with a deep red trousers/jeans. It’s incredible to see how well this outfit turns out to be and spikes the attention of your date.

Red it out

2. Turtle neck

If you are inclined towards a more sophisticated personality, a turtle
neck T-shirt or a sweater is always a success in making you look more
fashionable yet casual. It is also perfect for a Friday dress down. Pair it
with a long coat and a pair of checked trousers, and you are ready to
sweep your valentine date off her feet!

Turtle neck

3. Bad boy look

Ah! Everyone likes little bad boy vibes (by everyone I mean women!). This look has a definite success rate with a larger space to experiment and try out different outfits to suit one’s personality. For instance, you could opt for an intense bad boy look like – pair a black silk shirt with a skinny-fit black jeans, add a little kohl and you will dominate the floor like a sexy devil, or you would prefer a subtle and charming college bad boy look with – a pair of faded jeans and a bomber jacket.

Bad Boy look

4. Go tone on tone

Straight out of fashion magazines, single tone clothing is all the rage! Men are seen wearing tone on tone (single color) outfits in Paris and London fashion weeks and guess what? It’s a huge hit among women too! If you want to stand out from the crowd and literally wow your date, this is the answer. The beauty of this outfit is - you can wear anything but in a single color say: white, blue or yellow and yet look fantastic.


5. Pink Passion

Strictly for men who are incredibly comfortable with their masculinity! The color pink is widely discredited by men as a ‘women’s color,’ which is entirely incorrect and sort of a myth. I mean, have you seen men with pink blazers and shirts? They look jaw-drop attractive! You can go for a pink blazer paired with a white shirt and trousers or wear a pink shirt with white jeans. The best way to pull off this color is being comfortable in your skin.

Pink Passion

6. Sporty streak

If you have a bit of an athlete in you (or not), a hint of a sporty element in your outfit always manages to bring out the casual yet macho side of you. Adidas’s three stripes have become so popular among a diverse audience that many successful and popular brands are implementing it in their apparels. You can choose a jacket with these stripes or trouser with stripes running down the sides, and you are ready to spend your Valentine evening in a casual, understated outfit.

Sporty Streak