It is a well-known fact that your wedding day gives you the scariest jitters and it is also appropriate to say that these times account for the hilarious scenarios. How would you like to re-live those fun moments? Or for those who have not yet crossed the wedding threshold, anticipate the inevitable? Married or not, these hilarious memes will surely crack you up and remind you that at the end it was all worth it!

  1. Brace yourself! The wedding is coming! – Ned Stark style

In true GOT style, you really should brace yourself for all the drama, anxiety and fun as Lo! Behold! Your wedding date is upon you! Ned Stark's expression here is a strong reference to the expression that would be plastered on your face. LOL.

2. Ready to compromise?!

Just like your business and life, a marriage is a perfect example of brokering peace and love through various compromises (by both sides). Be ready for some long-hauled decision making which eventually can result in something new and exciting like the fairy-tale/superhero cake!

3. Please the bride, please!

Brides, this meme is dedicated to you! We all have imagined once or twice (or a million!) of the perfect wedding day with the ideal person standing down the aisle. BUT if he ain't all mushy and emotional upon seeing you in the ethereal white dress, go ahead and show ‘em who's the boss.

4. A superhero priest, anyone?

Whoa! I bet any man who sees this meme wishes to be blessed with such a wife! It is incredible. This meme perfectly portrays a strong understanding and love between two people and how it results in such a fantastic outcome. Undoubtedly, the guests are equally entertained!

5. But first, let me update my Facebook status!

This one cracks me up good. It's so funny yet convincingly true! Obsessiveness over social media has just increased, and weddings get the taste of it too. Every tiny little detail of weddings are updated in real time and one day (I hope not!) people will update their relationship status first and then say ‘I do'!

6. Try eloping. It's free!

Everyone wishes to host a big fat wedding with all their family and friends (and people who they have never met!). But it takes up so much of your time, energy and of course money! I am sure the momentary idea of eloping must have crossed the minds of the bride and groom at least once!

7. What's a little extra, it's my wedding!

Wedding pictures are the most important thing right after the wedding, offering solace and bearing a reminder from your grand wedding! Often people get freaked out in wanting the perfect album for their grandchildren to look at. So, they are cautious with their poses. But after a few champagnes, you finally let your guard down and show the photographer your awesome cat-style poses!

8. It's all about the money, honey!

Marriage is an affair where it involves a lot of crying (no surprises there!). BUT nothing will make you cry more than the bills you receive at the end of the wedding! It's a universally accepted fact and it's perfectly depicted through this hilarious meme.

9. Weddings are Easy? HA!

A wedding is NEVER easy. Period. Ask any bride, and she will narrate the gory details. The amount of stress and panic the bride goes through can be related to the amount of stress a soldier is on the battlefield! Gosh, that's rough!

10. Happy wife, happy life!

A life-changing mantra for husbands beautifully explained through this meme! It's straightforward – to lead a happy married life, follow your wife. I mean, how hard it can be?