Wow! You guys completed your first year together? Indeed, that calls for a celebration! But the anniversary does not always imply you to cash out all your money. It is the feelings for your spouse and let them know that you will stand by them always that matters. Yeah, I know, you still got to give a nice little present that conveys your love and affections. Does it have to be
something that burns a hole in your pocket? No, of course not!

Here is a list of items that are pocket- friendly and super cute to gift your beloved:

  1. Personalized Music box

Music is the ultimate gateway to a person’s soul, regardless of any boundaries. Everyone has a special tune they like to hum to themselves. This whimsical wooden music box is an absolute joy for music lovers and also allows you to add a personalized touch to it by putting your spouse’s
all-time favorite music. This makes it a very thoughtful present, reminding your better half of your constant love and support.

Music Box

2. A jar full of love notes

If you are willing to make an effort and want to gift your special someone a present which speaks volumes about your sentiments, this gift idea is the bomb! Cut out some lovely shapes on colored paper and fill them with sweet messages (or even pictures) for your other half. Now take a cute little jar and put all your paper messages in them and your beautiful gift is ready! Your spouse will swoon over the gift with delirious joy behind its thoughtfulness.

Love notes jar

3. Kinky truth or dare

For someone who wants to spice up their anniversary night or revive their wedding night, this is the perfect gift which acts as a catalyst!
Taking inspiration from the regular game of truth or dare, you can revamp it and make your kinky version of it. Again it takes a little effort from your side (but totally worth it!) as you come up with new and naughty ideas for truth and dare. Write them down on strips of paper and put them in a beautiful gift box. Now you are ready to surprise your spouse. Bet they didn’t see this coming!

Kinky Truth or Dare

4. Instagram photo book

This can be a fantastic gift for someone who is a total social media buff and keeps themselves updated on Instagram. Also, one can find many shared memories with their friends and families which gets lost overtime in their feed. Retain those amazing pictures with perfect filters and hashtags and turn them into a photo book to gift your better half a book full of love and nostalgia.

Instagram Photobook

5. Sweet thoughts on a toilet roll

I know you must be thinking, “What? Why would I gift a toilet roll? I don’t want my other half to kill me!” But hold your guns! This is a real thing now! Yes, there are gift shops and sites that sell customized quotes, messages or images on toilet rolls and they look charming and creative. It’s hilariously adorable to think that your beloved will always smile and think about you when they need a wipe!

Thoughts on Toilet roll

6. Table topics for the couple

Everyone is leading a busy and hectic life these days. It’s no surprise that with little or no time left to spend together, conversations are starting to get scarce. But you can’t let life get to you! Relive your fond memories with interesting conversation openers. Table topics for couples are getting popular and are available on many e-commerce sites, or you could make your intriguing openers and reminisce old memories.

Table topics

7. Chocolate roses

It is a known fact that women love roses, but it’s beguiling to see that they indulge more on rich, creamy chocolates. So why not combine both of them? Oh yes, that will make it a real deal! How’s this? - Rose shaped chocolates with tiny edible roses in the center. I say pack it up, please! This is a hit among both men and women (no surprises!), and yes, it’s also very affordable.

Chocolate Roses

8. Folded book art

Book lovers and non-book lovers alike, this gift is unique and personalized making it a treasured possession for your fortunate beloved. It is made by meticulous calculation and folding paper techniques which slowly creates 3D initials or a word. What makes it more special is that it breathes new life into recycled books and turns it into a beautiful piece of art.

Folded Book Art

9. Moon rock

Okay, not literally a rock from the moon (that’s way expensive!) but a shiny natural rock with the message – ‘I love you to the moon and back’ engraved on it. It’s simple yet aptly conveys your love to your better half.

Moon Rock

10. His and hers Coordinates bracelet

How cool would it be to get the coordinates of the place you guys met engraved on a silver or gold bracelet? I would want one! It’s a fresh take on his&her keychains, bracelets or t-shirts. Your spouse would be delighted to get a hold on this one and would appreciate your train of thought.

Coordinates Bracelet