As Corona Virus has impacted more than 170,000+ people around the world and nearing 140+ patients in India alone, governments of different countries are tackling the issues in their suitable manner.

As we have started social distancing, started work from home and wearing face masks, a significant problem remains for the event management industry, especially wedding.

Events of gathering more than 100 people are generally organized two-three months in advance along with vendor management. In this case, event organizers are in a dilemma about how to continue their party, conference and weddings while handling the possibility of city lockdown in the worst-case scenario. For now, gatherings of 50 or more people are not allowed in community functions, and some states have restricted wedding attendees to 100.

Here are some creative technology-enabled solutions for you to consider and redefine the event management:

Live streaming the event

You may have health awareness seminar, business conferences, entrepreneurship summits, awards ceremony and wedding rituals planned in the coming two months. If you want to continue the event because of priority or you may want to keep running your business(which is becoming a challenging task with supply chain overhaul and possible country lockdown scare), consider live streaming the event. Live streaming is becoming a trend nowadays in typical situations also, where people who cannot attend, get to join through the internet. In this way, chief guests and speaker panels can deliver their speeches through web conferencing. There are many web conferencing Softwares available to manage it on your own, or you may hire professionals to do the job. Nowadays, many apps have a video/chat/record option through which people can have Q&A round and interactive sessions seamlessly.

Steaming the music

Distributing Gift cards and online delivery

Major e-commerce and logistics players have launched "Contactless delivery" option where your order will be left at the doorstep with confirmation pictures sent to you. This approach will minimize virus spread.  Since you may have already placed gift orders for the event, you may have them home delivered to guests/awardees and attendees. You can also think of creative gifting ideas like gift cards and coupons, wedding registries which will be availed on-demand at a later date as per convenience.

Donating food, water and beverages to NGOs, Aanganwaadi and Daily wages homes

If you have already booked caterers and not getting a refund, fear not! You can have that food delivered to needy people who are struggling with basic needs like clean living and eating. As many industries in India are virtually closed, daily wages earner is in serious trouble. Your food donation may help serve the small community and instil a sense of accomplishment.

Do Something Great

Taking Online Feedback after sessions

As you are new to online event management and some of the customers may be experiencing their first virtual conference, receiving feedback is critical. You should conduct a short survey asking peoples what went wrong and right, taking their feedback for future improvement. Virtual Events are the future as coronavirus has changed the way how we live!

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