Catering Industry as a whole has been poorly hit all across the world during a global pandemic, with many last-minute cancellations and no foreseeable future bookings. People have become cautious and are looking for innovative solutions to meet present demands and create customer loyalty. As physical events are moving towards virtual for conferences and seminars, there is limited opportunity for catering services there.

Caterers play a considerable role in any event success, be it a wedding or a conference. Gone are the days when you hired a local caterer who will gove discount on the food menu, without considering hygiene, raw materials quality and working conditions. With the advent of Food reality shows like  MasterChef, people have become aware of the presentation effect and Instagram trends like #foodgram, #foodporn have been a catalyst in discovering exotic food combinations.

Caterers face a challenge here as they have to maintain food quality, combat inflation, ensure top-notch decor all the while ensuring their food is delectable and well-stocked till the event ends. This can be a tough task in some cases like a wedding where two-three months booking is standard, and the actual guest presence is calculated on assumptions.

Everyone is wondering what will be the new "Normal" for the catering industry. A significant shift is occurring with worldwide acceptance of virtual conferences, seminars and tradeshows. Professional and Private events both share a  drive for food and need to experiment with cuisines. However, now the question remains, when will people feel safe to attend physical events? How can caterers adapt to the COVID 19 effect?

Some rules will be set by regulatory bodies such as frequent hand wash, deep cleaning of utensils and cooking area before food preparation, thermal scanning of staff and more space for food preparation. Some emerging standards being discussed in the catering industry are: handling food with mask and gloves, compulsory download of ArogyaSetu App on mobile phones of staff, no hands touch during preparation and serving of food. Imagine eating golgappas and North Indian roti to be made hands-free.

With the use of some mobile applications, caterers can find a smart solution to their dilemma and boost their productivity. Our blockchain-backed app, EventersApp, ensures that vendors enjoy the flexibility and tech-enabled supply chain of the whole event, ensures optimal utilization of resources. Our app covers the complete supply chain of an event.

  1. Customer Reviews: Get your reviews and feedback after each event, which will improve your productivity, and digital record of positive reviews help in future client's confidence.
  2. Real-time RSVP of guests: With our app, guests have the option of telling their time of arrival at the function. Caterers can utilize this information through the app to prepare food quantity accordingly. Food wastage should be able to be avoided through an actual record of guests.
  3. Online Food Menu Display: Caterers can share their menu, individual food item decoration and different options through our app and have a discussion with clients. Their chat history will be saved on the app for future references as well. In the app, a WhatsApp like chat option saves time, and concerned people can work with social distancing as well!
  4. Convey standard rules and hygiene protocols as the first impression: Like online delivery restaurant chains are showcasing their hygiene ratings in food delivery apps, you can showcase the same in event management apps. In this way, clients will be reassured of the quality of food and focus on savouring it, instead of dissecting it.