Turning 21 is super-exciting for all the young ladies out there and is sure a milestone in one's life. You feel thrilled to reach the outskirts of adulthood, yet you have all the energy and zest from your teens. This calls for a night of wild celebrations, and your gals have hooked up an awesome party just for the occasion. You got to get up and dress to SLAY! Don't worry, we got you covered! With these trending outfit ideas, you will set a whole new bar for #OOTD.

  1. High-slit Maxis

If you got legs to die for, nothing could make you look sexier than a gorgeous high-slit maxi dress! It is comfortable for all your party shenanigans, plus it gives out a vibe that says - you are mature but still possess a streak of wildness. It also pretty versatile and is excellent for an evening beach party or an open terrace party.

High-slit Maxis

2. Lace Corset

Looking for something sexy yet sophisticated? Lace corset is the answer for you gals. It subtly shows off your curves without looking raunchy, making it the perfect outfit to stand apart from the crowd (and to score with the handsome hunks *wink*). Pair it with the trouser of your choice or a pencil skirt, and you are ready to rock the night with your peeps!

Lace Corset

3.  Fur-trimmed outfit

Fur makes every apparel look more glamorous and luxurious. It is perfect for a night out with your buddies and you sure as hell would look HOT! There are a plethora of fur-tastic options to choose from, like; Fur-trimmed tops, cami, coats, and dresses to name a few.


4. Sexy back

Tops and dresses with strappy backs are the ultimate go-to outfits for a fun-filled night out. If you have a sexy back and do not mind flaunting it, then you would love to don this casual yet attractive look for your 21st  birthday night. It is easy going, fun and serves the purpose to look HOT!

Strappy Backs

5. Shimmery Plunge dress

Remember Kendall Jenner's 21st  birthday outfit? If not, let me refresh it for you. It was a metallic mini dress with a plunging neckline. She looked like a 90s supermodel in it. Well, hers was custom made, but if you are not the one to shy away from a little (okay, a lot!) skin show, then this could be THE dress for your 21st birthday too. There could be actual steam coming out from people looking at you!

Shimmery Plunge

6. Silk Jumpsuit

Not everyone is comfortable with skin show and tight dresses. Well, it is understandable but what outfit can be comfortable yet incredibly eye-catching? Well yes, it is the top trending outfit of 2019: a Silk jumpsuit! The silk made jumpsuit is generously luxurious and is a sure stand out in the crowd with lots of room to dance your night away.

Silk Jumpsuit

7. Boss Suit

Another fantastic idea for a more modest yet sexy look is a suit. Complete with matching trouser and blazer, a suit is a perfect outfit to be your boss on your special day, indicating your inclination towards adulthood. Your girlfriends will be impressed behind the thought on that one! LOL.

Boss Suit

8.  T-shirt dress

If you are into anything fancy and looking for a more chic and casual look for your birthday night, a T-shirt dress might be the answer. You can mix-up and play with different accessories to complement the look, making it class-apart and note-worthy. Plus it has the added benefit to be at ease in your skin, letting you enjoy more of your party.

T-shirt Dress