Your best buddy is about to turn 21 soon, and you want to surprise him/her with the coolest birthday present? Well, no need to look further! Here is a list of some carefully curated gift ideas that are off the charts and are seemingly thoughtful (with a hint of humor), with which you can welcome your buddy to the relentless world of adulthood, reminding them that – ‘As tough as life can get in the future, you still got to have fun!’

1. Time Capsule

This is a brilliant and thoughtful gift, not only for the birthday guy but for all of your gang! Let’s be honest, in this fast-paced lifestyle, and at the exciting age of 21, there is a lot of memories which often gets lost during the gradual years. It would be super-cool and kinda mystical to keep all your sweet memories in a time capsule to be opened 30 years later. Imagine the excitement you guys will feel to look at all the crazy memories you created when you were 21!

Time Capsule

2. Watermelon keg kit

It is probably the coolest thing right now on Instagram. Why drink beer from a boring keg when you can drink it out of a fresh watermelon?! This DIY experiment has gone viral and is a massive success among the young part-goers. But do not worry if you do not have time to make one! There is an excellent selection of watermelon keg kits online, with the additional advantage of customizing it with the name of your birthday buddy.

Watermelon Keg Kit

3. Framed tweets

Now, gifting a casual photo-frame is such a cliché from the past. This is the age of social media people! Gifting your 21-year-old friend a ‘framed’ tweet, now that’s more like it! It’s a fun and creative way to express your love for your buddy through the lovely tweets you shared over time and or you could also frame a tweet from someone famous.

Framed Tweet

4. A beginners guide to investing

Being 21 is not just about enjoying parties but also taking responsibilities. At the crescent of adulthood, gift your buddy a guidebook to systematic investing and help him/her to initiate their future with a responsible attitude towards money and finances. I am sure your friend will come back to you one day and thank you for being so considerate.

Investing Guide

5. A giant beanbag

With all seriousness aside, all a 21-year-old needs is a giant fluffy bean bag to lay on all day! LOL. 21-year-olds don’t need fancy furniture to survive, it becomes a liability to them (or anything fancy for that matter). They move a lot, like to have random parties and can be very messy. So, go ahead and gift your pal a mushy giant bean bag!

Giant Beanbag

6. Dumbbell beer glass

If your mate won’t budge their butt to go to the gym, bring the gym to them – with booze! Oh well, who am I kidding? Your pal may not go to the gym but can sure as hell enjoy their beer in this dumbbell shaped beer glass. It’s a sure winner when it comes to booze connoisseurs. And maybe, one day, it may well inspire your buddy to step into the gym after all!

Dumbbell Beer Glass

7. Monster Coffee cup

A monster hangover requires a monster-sized cup of coffee. That’s what your buddy will need the next day after the birthday party (and more parties to come!). This ultimate beast sized coffee cup can hold up to 20 regular cups of coffee and will do just the trick. I am sure your friend will be
grateful to you for this one.

Monster Coffee Cup