So, the big day is heading your way soon. Before taking the plunge, you got to stow away those wedding jitters and chillax with your gal pals! Now, your Maid of honor and bridesmaids have taken a lot of effort to help you loosen up and to give you a perfect send-off. It would be super cool to make them feel appreciated and show your gratitude towards their gestures by surprising them with some fun gifts!

Here are some chic gift ideas for your partners in crime:

  1. A diamond bracelet to chug your drinks
Booze Bangle

What's your poison? Wine, gin, vodka, whiskey scotch or tequila? Whatever it might be, make your girls feel classy and elegant while chugging on their favourite drinks. Give them a beautiful stainless-steel bracelet flask with a rhinestone lid which holds around 3.5 ounces of liquid and fits perfectly on your wrists. This will surely sway your girlfriends!

2.   Hangover essentials: In sickness and In health

Vitamin Pouches

Don't make this vow only to the man of your dreams but to your girlfriends too! Give them a laugh while making their hangover less stressful with a DIY mini water bottle + vitamin B pills to take before the heavy drinking sessions. This will prevent them from incurring a hangover, showing your care for your besties. If they do get a hangover, be prepared for that too and keep a mini water bottle with Advil pills to go.

3.   Cocktail To-Go pouches

Cocktail Pouches

This is a pleasant idea to go easy on your pocket and show some love to your buddies by making handmade cocktail pouches complete with cheesy quotes and a perky straw. Just make some excellent cocktails and put it in clear pouches, print some quotes like "Cheers Bitches" or "Drunk in Love" on a waterproof sticker paper, add a cute straw and your girl gang is ready to have a blast.

4.   Put your party panties on!

Party Panties

Gifting the bride-to-be sexy lingerie on her bachelorette party is a tradition. So, why not join your girlfriends in on the fun? Your besties will crack up over cheeky messages on lacy panties and will surely appreciate your sense of humour on this one.

5.   Cute Party-designation pins

Party Designation Pins

Make your girlies feel extra special by giving them their unique party designations. These are fun, easy and provides a personal touch to everyone. Pin them to their party- specific personalities, like – ‘Dirty Dancer', ‘Bad influence', ‘Cougar', ‘Diva', ‘wild child' and many more. Don't forget to pin yourself too as ‘Hot Bride'!

6.   Girly Band-Aids

Girly Band Aids

A bachelorette party can get wild and things may spin out of control where someone ends up needing a first-aid. Nah! Just kidding! Still, these cute girly designed Band-Aids will surely make your girlfriends fall in love with them, making it an adorable, non-traditional and useful gift.

7.   Personalized sleep masks

Sleep Masks

Pamper your babies with satin sleep masks, allowing them to have a blissful sleep post party. Making it personal with their names in stylised letters embedded on them, will scream that you love your girls and it will also make for a perfect power- packed girl gang!