A wedding calls for innumerable planning, bookings, and shopping! But first things first – where is the wedding going to take place? This is the most thought processing (and essential!) question to dwell on at any wedding! People often choose a religious sanctum or a beautiful scenic resort, to exchange their vows with soon to-be spouse. But presently, people are progressively changing their venues to a more daring location and are willing to move up their wedding expectations to an extra notch.

Here is a list of 10 most incredible and unexpected venues to host your weddings if you wish to tell your grandchildren the wedding of a lifetime:

1.  Wedding aloft on a Hot-air balloon

Imagine, soaring high above the world in a colorful balloon canopy, it is only you and your beloved in flower filled wicker basket, to share your promises. How romantic! Undoubtedly, getting married in a giant hot-air balloon is the most magical way one could make way for marital bliss. It is also widely getting popular around the globe. Not to mention, it will make for some amazing wedding photographs.

2.  Get married in a magical Cave

A cave is a beautiful piece of natural wonder, complete with diverse rock formations and clear pools adding to their allure and natural wedding decor. It is a perfect place to say ‘I do' with mixed awe of mysteriousness and fantasy. The Bridal cave in Ozarks of Missouri is famous for its cave weddings since the 1800s and has witnessed around 2,500 marriages till date.

3.  Get hitched on a luxury train

Golden Chariot

If palace weddings are too mainstream for you, there is another royal alternative to host your big day. With five-star amenities and royalty dripping on every turn, the Golden Chariot Luxury train of Karnataka, India provides you with services that include taking care of everything from decoration, transportation, and bookings. You get the privilege to ‘literally' take the magical journey in the lap of luxury while traveling around the Indian countryside.

4.  Hawaii Volcanoes Natural Park

This is most certainly the hottest destination for a wedding! Amidst black lava fields, profess the burning love for your other half, overlooking the active volcano of Kilauea, Hawaii. The outlandish hotel of Volcano House in Hawaii Volcanoes Natural Park allows people to host a private wedding and dinner against the backdrop of the sputtering night glow of the volcano, providing an everlasting impression for the couple.

5.  Exchange your marital vows in Space

If you are space fanatic and have $2.3 million to splurge on your wedding, then this is the best way to get married in a memorable way. Virgin Galactic and First Advantage are now sending ‘tourist' rockets to outer space, orbiting the earth, allowing people to bind in holy matrimony in zero gravity! Not everyone's cup of tea, but it is undoubtedly worth the dollars.

6.  Walk down the aisle on a tree-top

It is an absolute paradise for nature lovers to host their wedding celebrations surrounded by towering trees and lush greenery, under the enchanting canopy of woodland and ambient sounds of the river. A tree-house themed wedding is widely gaining popularity, and many establishments are offering their services in making it a reality for betrothed couples.

7.  Wedding in a cable car - Singapore

Another way to celebrate your love in the air! Faber Peak in Singapore gives this unique opportunity to exchange vows mid-air from Mount Faber in a cable car, with panoramic views of the harbor and Sentosa Island. With added wedding perks and attractive packages, this is probably the best way to host an enthralling wedding.

8.  A romantic wedding on a bridge

We have all seen romantic movies where the boy professes his undying love for the girl on a lovely bridge. How we wish that could be us! Well, now it can be. There are lots of picturesque bridges where couples can take the plunge and make promises of happily ever after. Courtesy of many hotels and resorts, getting married on a bridge has now become a ‘thing' as many love-birds are preferring it to a traditional church.

9.  Get yourself a nautical wedding

We have discussed getting married in air, space, and trees. Let's not leave venturing into the water! Hosting your wedding on a cruise, luxurious yacht or a historic steamboat, allows you and your guests to have a unique experience to spend the joyous day on the water. The day is complete with delicious food, fine wine, and champagne while enjoying the surrounding scenic beauty.

10.  A Safari wedding

The Maasai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya allows couples to tie the knot in an adventurous and wild venue. It is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts who would love to have an exhilarating and culturally diverse wedding, amidst wild animals and Maasai tribe members. With the ‘Circle of life' playing in the background, you are ready to have a ‘Lion King' wedding!