Make way for the millennial brides to walk down the aisle! It is no secret that many brides are opting for more non-traditional wedding attire in recent times. Moving away from the customary demure wedding gowns and long veils, today's alpha women have their dibs on capes and pant-suits to don for their special day.

Here is a list of inspirations for all the ballsy brides who want to shy away from stereotypical wedding dresses and get a little creative!

  1. Golden Sparkle
Golden Sparkle Dress

Every bride dreams of looking like a princess on her wedding day. But is it only possible with a long flowing white dress? I think not! For girls who want to sparkle and bedazzle, behold the Golden wedding dress. Giving a golden touch to your wedding in a gorgeous head-to-toe golden attire, your wedding day will surely look like a dream. Take the cue from couture designers who are launching stunning gold wedding gowns and make your transition from Miss. To Mrs. in regalia!

2.  The Little White Dress (LWD)

The Little White Dress

Well, you can be a HOT princess in this one! And why not! Little black dress is considered a staple outfit to look hot for parties, so can be a Little White dress for your wedding. For girls who want some air and freedom to dance their hearts away in their wedding celebrations, this aptly named dress is sure to steal your heart away.

3. Rich Velvet

Velvet Dress

Who said that wedding dresses could be made out of only tulle, chiffon or satin? Another lavish and luxurious alternative is drenching the bride's look completely in velvet. The resurgence of this vintage fabric has already taken the fashion world by storm and is touted - the season's fabric. All the more reason to make this rich textured fabric the choice for your wedding dress.

4. LED Luxury wedding dress

LED Dress

Light-up like a fairy and enthrall your guests (and your hubby!) with this sensational wedding dress. Walking down the aisle in this whimsical wedding dress will not only make it a memorable event for you but to everyone present to cherish the day. How is that for a fairy-tale entrance? And that is not all. This satin dress made with unique fiber optic fabric gives you a choice to glow in one of seven beautiful shades.

5. Dress meets Jumpsuit

Dress meets Jumpsuit

Some may ask why even need a dress? I say you are right! Believe it or not, not all brides are into poufy tulle dresses and long trails of the veil. For those cutting-edge brides to make a fuss-free statement on her wedding day, a bridal jumpsuit can be just the right outfit. It gives an easy-breathing space, allows in cutting some shapes on the dance floor and has pockets!

6.   Bridal Prints

Bridal Prints

Bold, jazzy and floral prints on your bridal gown add a fun quotient on your wedding day and are perfect for a summer wedding. Although most girls dream themselves in a pristine white dress for their wedding, popular demand for colored and printed wedding dresses are on the rise. The most exciting thing about prints is there are plenty of designs and shapes to choose from: eye-catching or subtle.

7. Replace veils by cape

Add Cape to your dress

Want to feel like a queen instead of a princess on your wedding day? Granted! Ditch the traditional intricate veils for a more regal look with a trailing cape on your wedding gown, feeling every inch a queen. Oscillating between whimsical and theatrical, a cape is perfect for adding glamour to the bridal gown forgoing the usual layers of lace and tulle.

8. Eco-friendly brides

Fair Trade Dress

Green weddings! That's what they are called these days. Brides today are more sensitive towards their environment and want to start their marital journey in an ethical and sustainable wedding gown. How noble of them! Many Fashion Labels are making this a possibility and providing environmental commitments such as minimize packaging, recycling and reducing carbon footprint.

9.   Two-piece bridal ensemble

Two-piece bridal ensemble

Isn't two better than one? I would agree with that! Pair-up beautiful and ostentatious separates to break free from traditions and inspire your girlfriends to follow your path. It's also perfect for showing some decent skin, sending both sexy and modest vibes.

10. Bridal Pant-suits


Be the boss on your wedding day with an alpha-centric alternative to wedding dress: a luxurious bridal pant-suit. Making countless appearances on Runway shows for Bridal Fashion Week, the bridal suit is creating headlines in the wedding industry, adding it to the aisles of bridal
boutiques. This romantic yet sophisticated outfit is also perfect for any time in the year.