Colorful, fun, pomp and celebrations! That’s an Indian wedding for you. With equal pomp and regal, the bride is decked with a heavily-embroidered saree and jewelry. However, the tables have turned! No more typical traditional saree with customary gold ornaments. Our desi brides are inching forward to explore new possibilities and creating awe-inspiring trends for to-be brides.

Coming up hot! A curated list of fantastic ideas for you to revamp your desi-bridal look:

  1. Spice it up with a pant-suit

There is no rule to wear only traditional outfits on the auspicious wedding day. You can rock the wedding in a pant-suit if you have the panache! Yeah, you read correctly, a desi pant-suit! You can infuse traditional elements complementing your overall look, like – heavy and royal earrings, necklaces, bangles, and mang-tikas. A perfect blend of west and east. Your guests will be star-struck to envision you in this splendid attire and be ready to hear some fantastic complements for your
fresh take on Indian bridal wear.

2. Belt it out

Belt it out

You can play with a belt in oh-so-many different ways! Bet you never
thought of making it a statement with your wedding attire. Well, you can
with the right fix! If you fancy something shimmery, go for a gem crusted
belt and wear it around your demure silk saree or a lehenga. If not, there
are amazing silk belts which will give you a much more understated yet
elegant look. Either way, you will glam-up the day!

3. Cape sleeves

Cape Sleeves

Now, these are trending hot and looks effortlessly stunning! Long sleek cape sleeves can be worn as a blouse with a gorgeous saree or with your choice of a long skirt. It gives you the benefit of a royal look without having actually to do anything. The wedding pictures will reveal you the same.

4. Fur-trimmed dupatta

Fur-trimmed dupatta

Add a dash of sexy (without giving too much!) with a fur-trimmed dupatta. Your girlfriends will surely go oh-la-la on this number! This is such a simple and useful piece of apparel. Team it up with a tone-on-tone embroidered lehenga or an effortless silk Anarkali, the dupatta will bring out all the happy compliments, leaving your guests utterly impressed with your sense of fashion.

5. Rock it with stone jewelry

Stone jewelry

Not your usual garden stones, of course! Semi-precious and precious stone jewelry is taking over the traditional gold ornaments like a storm. You do
not need heavy gold accessories or diamonds to look stunning on your special day, go ahead and explore with precious stone jewelry to look like a true diva!

6. Pair it with Dhoti

Pair it with dhoti

A dhoti looks so chic and comfortable. Who says it is a men’s only
apparel? Not to me! Pair a beautiful dhoti with a sexy backless choli and
a huge gem studded nose ring to give a tantalizing ‘banjaran’ effect to
your wedding attire. Take your wedding vows to look ultra-chic with
this outfit. After all, why should boys have all the fun?

7. Peplum saree blouse

Peplum saree blouse

For the bashful yet fashion conscious brides, this new addition, fresh
from fashion trend is absolute bliss! A peplum blouse is all about
elegance and style. Mesmerize your friends and family (and of course,
the husband!) by wearing a charming peplum blouse with a
complementing saree.

8. Sheer cape

Sheer Cape

Yeah I know, a dupatta looks gorgeous but it can be a real fuss.
Why not incorporate a cape instead? Cool! A sheer cape over
your wedding outfit not only looks stunning but adds a touch of
global style to it. Also, capes are making regular appearances on
red carpets and runways. You don’t need a further invitation
than this!

9. Blazer and Lehenga

Do you want to add a little oomph to your wedding? Do it with a quirky
blazer over a ravishing lehenga. Not for the faint-hearted! For brides
willing to push boundaries and make a fresh statement on their
wedding, this outfit will do the talking for you. Watch out for the

10. Switch over to Navy Blue

Switch over to navy blue

Gone are the days when brides only wore shades of red on her
wedding day. Today, the millennial bride is embracing all shades of
colors and proudly makes her mark. This wedding season is colored
in a rich navy blue. Aptly known as the color of the royals, this
shade of color will make your demeanor elegant and infuse rich