Traditionally businesses which work in brick and mortar model have a minimal online presence. Many small and medium businesses, enterprises and shops fall in this category. A new section of the workforce is rising which is running a business from home. They are called by many names: Homepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Sidepreneurs, Womenpreneurs.

Homepreneurs are mainly women who are running the various business-like fashion boutique, jewellery designing, birthday cupcakes and luxury chocolate baking, wedding cakes, gifts procuring and wrapping, theme decor, wedding attire related accessories specialist and so on. These businesses work through customer referrals, print marketing and mouth to mouth publicity.

However, worldwide coronavirus pandemic has taught us that if your business is digitally connected, you maybe be able to survive epidemic and emergency crises. You may not generate revenue but there are other ways to ensure advance bookings and be in the eye of potential customers.

You may already be doing marketing through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter and even YouTube channel. However, it is time to join the new way of managing your events: Event managing app for vendors which believe that collaboration improves productivity.

We provide a blockchain-enabled platform, Eventersapp for all categories of event management be it a private party or public events like corporate seminars and expos.  We provide end to end supply-chain management of an event, be it a kitty party, house warming party, kirtan/pinni of 50+ people, birthday party of 100 guests or a wedding having 1000+ guests.

Here are some of the ways in which you can benefit from registering on our platform:

  1. Instant profile sharing to prospective clients with past work history and reviews. You do not need your website to track and connect with prospective clients. We understand that you are starting your business and focus is to create a brand in the market.
  2. Supply chain management through collaboration with our vendors and guests of the event. It will improve unit economics and improve real-time customer satisfaction.
  3. You can create and share content in local languages to connect with regional customers. Share stories, blogs, tips and even create event shelves in local language for easy customer access.
  4. Online Chat option with official record of the conversation in case of disputes. We have in-built Whats App like chat, so you do not need WhatsApp business account till you are functioning on a small scale.
  5. Digital shelves to manage multiple events in a single place. You may add multiple events and shelves in the same events like different marriage functions, for distinction and easy management.
  6. Our platform is device agnostic, meaning you may access our application through mobile, laptop or a tablet as per your convenience. Your settings, profile and data will be reflected on all devices.
  7. We have features like Smart notification where you will not miss crucial customer briefing or meetings. Get updates in notification format for quick glance and instant action.
  8. Password less login in our app through your Google/Facebook account. No need to remember another password in an endless list of important passwords.
  9. Secure and privacy first platform where you can choose what content others will view. Your privacy will be safeguarded in every case.
  10. Refer other vendors and both of you earn sweet rewards after first event completion.