It is a given that weddings tend to be less eco-friendly and often lead to a lot of waste. Getting married in an eco-friendly manner is probably the most novel thing to do for your environment. This simple gesture towards Mother Nature will create awareness and encourage your guests to be more sensitive towards their environment.

If you want to host a guilt-free sustainable wedding and start your marital journey with nature's blessings, these amazing eco-friendly wedding ideas will inspire you to do so:

  1. Biodegradable Dinnerware
Biodegradable Dinnerware

Dinner plates and disposable cutlery probably creates the most substantial amount of waste at a wedding. It would be wise to lose those plastic beasts and opt for biodegradable or re-usable silverware and dinner sets. These look amazing and emanates a vintage ambiance, which adds to the wedding décor. You may be investing a little more on these plates than the disposable ones, but it's nothing compared to the millions you save by making this decision.

2. Make it a candle night

Candle Night

If you are having a night wedding, then there's a much more eco-friendly and romantic alternative to the constant wastage of energy resources. Ditch electricity (saving a ton of kilowatts!) and create a magical night with your guests by celebrating love in the old style - surrounded with candles! Indeed, it would be like a dream!

3.   Opt for an intimate wedding

Intimate Wedding

Yes, I know it's your special day, and you want to share it with as many people you want. It would be tough making a tight-knit guest list, but it would make a profound impact, howsoever small, by reducing individual carbon footprint. Fewer guests mean less transportation and reduced usage of overall energy consumption. Also, an intimate wedding has its unique charm of sharing the most important day of your life in the privacy of your loved ones.

4. Eco-friendly invitations

Eco-friendly Invitation

With the digital wave across the globe, it would be smart to invite your guests through an e-card! There are many websites which provide customized invitation e-cards with personalized templates for design and descriptions. These e-cards are increasingly becoming the most popular choices for betrothed couples to send invitations. For the less tech-savvy ones, you could choose organic and recycled paper instead of the usual mass produced ones.

5. Sustainable Wedding dress

Sustainable Wedding dress

It is said that brides spend almost 50% of the wedding costs on the bridal dress itself! But the idea is to look ethereal in a pristine white dress; it can be a hand-me-down or made from sustainable resources. Brides today are increasingly sensible towards sustainability and are brave enough to understand the importance of taking this decision. Kudos to the eco-friendly brides!

6.   Donate Leftovers

Donate Leftovers

In most of the weddings, all the delicious and exotic food you plan to serve doesn't always end up in the bellies of all your guests. Sadly the leftovers (which are perfectly consumable) are thrown out or discarded. Such a waste! Instead, help the needy and save the environment.
Inform your caterers first-hand about donating the leftovers so that they can carefully wrap up and keep whatever is left ready to be donated.

7. Choose potted plants

Potted Plants

What flowers to choose for the centerpiece? Which vase to put as a centerpiece? How big should it be? These are some important questions during the planning of the wedding décor. But hold that thought! Putting together a spectacular centerpiece is all fine, but it will only last for one night. So, instead, we can choose a centerpiece that can be hosted at many weddings – A beautiful potted plant. People opting for this option are saving many lovely blooms from being cut down.

8. Go Local

Go local

You don't necessarily need to have cuisines that have far- fetched names and ingredients that your guests have never seen before. You can serve a fancy (and organic) dinner with local and organically grown vegetables and meat. You can even put up placards in front of the dishes and enlighten your guests on local products. Also, local vegetables and dairy products have much more flavor in them than the fancy ones. I say, go local!

9.   Eco-friendly Venue

Eco-friendly Venue

Deciding on a venue is almost as tough as choosing your life partner! It has to be somewhere perfect, right? After all, you only get married once (or twice!). An eco- friendly venue is a site which uses minimum decorations, local resources and is responsible for waste and cleans up. It also helps if the location is situated in the vicinity to your guests, so they can easily reach the venue by a short walk or carpooling, saving up on carbon emissions. One of the most popular eco-friendly venues is your backyard, or you can choose a sustainable site with a breath-taking view!

10. Organic Wedding Cake

Organic Wedding Cake

We are all familiar with the ceremonial cutting of an elegant wedding cake by the couple. A typical fancy cake uses up a lot of resources that end up as waste. But why should you decide to take the first slice from an organic cake as newly married? Firstly, it is made from natural ingredients and is environment-friendly. Secondly, it uses delicate edible flowers and fresh fruits as decorations, which makes up for a beautiful wedding cake. Lastly, it's available in many delicious and exciting flavors than the elaborate ones you get from high-end cake shops.